Reebok i-bike 2.1 Exercise Bike.

Buy the Reebok i-bike 2.1 Exercise Bike the Blue Coloured Cycle that's a Quality Exercise Bike.

Want to buy a home exercise cycle that actually looks nice then buy the Reebok i-bike 2.1 Exercise Bike as it has a nice blue colour with the pedal area and highlights on the display and frame coloured blue the main body is a very dark grey almost black colour and overall the Reebok i-bike 2.1 Exercise Bike looks very nice and will look good in your home.
Reebok i-bike 2.1 Exercise Bike, Blue Coloured Cycle.

Blue Coloured Cycle.

Reebok have made a quality exercise bike using their M-Force resistance system to create an exercise bike that has a smooth cycling action regardless of resistance level selected so your cycling will really feel like your cycling out on the road even though your on a stationary bike cycling at home.

Pulse sensors measure your pulse as you hold the hand grips ands display this on a built in digital display and there's also the option to use a chest transmitter to transmit your heart rate from a chest strap as the Reebok i-bike 2.1 Exercise Bike has a built in chest transmitter receiver which will also work with pulse measuring watches.

You can adjust the seat height up and down and you can adjust the handlebar angle too which will bring the handlebars closer of further away from you, if you like lots of room on an exercise bike and always feel penned in then increasing the handlebar angle will make more space between your seat and the handlebars.

If your pregnant then your welcome the extra space that moving the handlebars back gives you and the ergonomically designed seat that actually supports you whilst your cycling will be welcomed by all.

With a 2 year guarantee you can be assured that any problems or faults will be quickly dealt with and your get a free repair or replacement exercise bike.
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