Reebok iRower 2.1 Folding Rowing Machine.

Buy the Reebok iRower 2.1 Folding Rowing Machine with Heart Rate Polar Chest Belt Included and Computer Calorie Counter.

Buying a rowing machine and want everything included so you can start rowing at home straight away then buy the Reebok iRower 2.1 Folding Rowing Machine as the rower has a Polar belt receiver built in and is also supplied with a Polar heart rate chest belt included, wear the chest belt when you exercise and your heart rate will be recorded and displayed on the rowing machines digital display, it's a great way to keep an eye on how your body is reacting to exercise to make sure your exercising safely.
Reebok iRower 2.1 Folding Rowing Machine, Heart Rate Polar Chest Belt Included.

Heart Rate Polar Chest Belt Included.

The seat is large and comfortable so your be able to exercise for extended sessions without getting tired and sore and the foot pedals are big so there's plenty of room for even the largest feet, a foot pedal strap is included too if you like to strap your feet into the rowing machine pedals, you don't have to of course but many do for the increased stability it brings.

A large 6kg flywheel is housed inside the rowing machine this provides a fluid movement on the handlebars without the jerk and snatch movement you get on so many other makes of rowing machine.

The training computer will count your calories too showing you the calories that you have burned whilst you have been exercising, it's an excellent way to monitor your calories and is important if your following a calorie controlled diet.

This Reebok rower is a folding rowing machine so when not in use you can simple fold the rowing machine, its length disappears as the seat slide folds upwards into a vertical position and makes the rowing machine take up hardly any room.
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