SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer.

SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer for Home Or Business with Three Year Warranty.

The SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer is manufactured to a very high quality and is suitable for home or business use and is in use in many homes and business (sports clubs, office gyms etc) around the UK.
SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer, Home Or Business.

Home Or Business, Three Year Warranty.

With a strong steel frame and anodised aluminium side panels which are tan silver in colour your find a very beautiful elliptical trainer that's designed to the highest quality and has a three year warranty available.

As well as heart rate control and fifteen exercise programmes the SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer also has a quick start button so if you don't like using all the menu options and just want to be elliptical training straight away just press the quick start button and your exercising immediately.

Very simply you can change how hard it is to move the pedals up and down by pressing the resistance buttons on the console without having to wade through any menus so you can make all your adjustments whilst your exercising as you only need to push one button.

The stride length is adjustable to three different stride lengths, short, average and long stride (short, average and tall height), the stride length is the distance between your two feet when you walk and depending on your leg length and therefore how tall you are by being able to adjust the stride length you make sure that your completing a full exercise as if the pedals are set to close together you might not be getting a complete stride going fully down and fully up this would mean your not working out effectively.

With adjustable stride length you can also change the distance between the two pedals so you can work different muscle groups alternating between bum, hips, thighs, calves, shoulders and arms.
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