SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer.

SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer with Adjustable Floor Levellers that Won't Wobble Or Vibrate.

If your floors are uneven or your fed up of hearing exercise equipment wobbling and vibrating on the floor and even scratching the floor then buy the SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer as it has adjustable floor levellers to make the elliptical trainer sit flat on any surface from carpet to wood, ceramic tiles and lino.
SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer, Adjustable Floor Levellers.

Adjustable Floor Levellers, Won't Wobble Or Vibrate.

The SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer is designed for both home use and business use your find this elliptical trainer in use in spas and businesses up and down the UK and with a large 19 inch stride length there's plenty of room for those with long legs as well as those who are shorter.

If your elliptical trainer has a stride length that's too small your find that you don't fully work your legs as you move the pedals up and down your muscles won't fully stretch and contract so you won't get a comprehensive exercise and can lead to sore and cramping muscles but on the SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer you have much more room and even the tallest of people will be able to use this elliptical trainer.

All the moving joints on the SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer have double ball bearings for smoothness of operation and long life of the machine you won't find this elliptical trainer is stiff or difficult to start moving as the double bearings makes the trainer glide.

A 10kg flywheel at the back of the elliptical trainer gives lots of momentum and a very natural feel when your in your stride and exercising well your find the momentum from the flywheel keeps that stride going and helps you get momentum faster.

This elliptical trainer has very beautiful matt black anodised aluminum panels under which is a strong steel frame.
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