Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine.

Buy the Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine with Rower and Muscle Trainer Combined the Super Strong Folding Rowing Machine.

Looking for a strong rowing machine that's designed for home use and can take anything yo9u can through at it then take a look at the Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine which is super tough and but to last, not only is it a great rowing machine but it's also got a muscle trainer built in so it's like having two pieces of gym equipment in your home for the price of one and of course as they are combined into the one piece of home gym equipment they take up much less space than having separate equipment.
Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine, Rower and Muscle Trainer Combined.

Rower and Muscle Trainer Combined.

The Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine is a folding rowing machine with the rails folding upwards into a vertical position the large flat base ensures the rower stays stable even when folded and in the folded position you can store the rower flat against a wall right out of the way and freeing up space in your home when it's not in use, then when you want to exercise on your rowing machine simply pull the rails downwards and start rowing.

With silent operation you can row late at night or early in the morning without disturbing anyone else in the household and the large comfortable seat will ensure that you actually want to row.

Heart rate measurement is through Polar wireless heart rate measurement and is included as standard, so there's nothing else to buy everything is included to start exercising at home.

The rowing machine digital display shows all the exercise stats your need including some extras like room temperature and room humidity so if you don't like to exercise if the room is too hot or too cold your be able to see at a glance and if your don't like to exercise when the room is too humid or not humid enough your be able to see that too on the digital display.
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