V-Fit Magnetic Elliptical Trainer.

V-Fit Magnetic Elliptical Trainer with Dual Handlebars and Forward or Reverse Motion.

The V-Fit Magnetic Elliptical Trainer lets you pedal forwards and backwards as some people prefer to pedal backwards, neither style of pedalling is wrong but many elliptical trainers won't let you pedal backwards so if you like to pedal backwards or haven't yet tried an elliptical trainer then best to buy a model that allows you to pedal in either direction like the V-Fit Magnetic Elliptical Trainer.
V-Fit Magnetic Elliptical Trainer, Dual Handlebars.

Dual Handlebars, Forward or Reverse Motion.

There's dual handlebars on the V-Fit Magnetic Elliptical Trainer this means that the elliptical trainer has two sets of handlebars, one set are moving handlebars and the other set are fixed handlebars use the fixed handlebars for a step machine action that shapes and tones your lower body toning your buttocks, thighs, hips, calves and tummy muscles whilst the moving handlebars work the whole body working the upper and lower body at once with the upper body workout consisting of the shoulders and arms.

At the rear of the elliptical trainer is a 4.5kg flywheel this flywheel evens out the individual pedal actions into a smooth natural feeling movement which feels more sturdy and does not wobble or vibrate in the fixed handlebars your find pulse sensors hold these and the pulse in your hands will be read and displayed on screen.

On the central column your find a resistance wheel turn this to adjust how hard it is toi move the pedals there are 8 levels of resistance to choose from so there's plenty of extra resistance for when you get fitter and want to add more resistance to your workout.

The resistance system used is magnetic resistance which is very quiet so you can exercise in front of the television and you won't stop anyone from hearing the TV, resistance systems are also very reliable when compared to mechanical systems and so will last for many years.
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