Weider Pro 4000 Multi Gym.

Buy the Weider Pro 4000 Multi Gym and Increase Upper and Lower Body Strength with Safety Weights Included.

Want to buy a multi gym for sale at a bargain price that has all the essential features you need and is well made coming with a full year full parts and labour warranty then you better buy the Weider Pro 4000 Multi Gym.
Weider Pro 4000 Multi Gym, Increase Upper and Lower Body Strength.

Increase Upper and Lower Body Strength.

This beautiful looking multi gym is a single station multigym with the familiar orange coloured bench seat, backrest and preacher curl pad, in fact talking of preacher curls this is one of the best preacher curl pads we have ever seen its massive in size with solid foam that makes it very comfortable to use it is most definitely not the after thought that a lot of multi gyms seem to give their preacher curl attachments these days, in fact on the Weider Pro 4000 Multi Gym it's not an attachment it's an integral part of the design of the multigym.

You get a weight stack included for free so there's nothing else to buy and importantly the weight stack is encased inside a shroud, well more like a metal cupboard, but the point is the weights are safe and especially for use in the home small fingers can't get hurt if your children happen to play on the multigym.

You get a chest press with butterfly press too and a leg developer with foam pads for leg curls and leg extensions a separate preacher curl pad which is wonderful to use and a multi-grip lat bar for your lateral pulldowns to build your arms and shoulders as well as triceps pushdowns, biceps curls and ankle strap for side kicks to build up your legs.

Your find soft comfortable pads that are double stitched and easy wipe clean on the chest press, seat backrest and seat as well as on the preacher curls pad and the leg developer which incorporates a leg extension device and a leg curl device.
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